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No matter if you prepare your food at home or own your own restaurant, there is one issue that is always going to be associated with cooking - getting rid of the nasty grease that piles up while doing it.

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What is grease trap?

Grease trap is a special device that prevents the cooking grease from blocking up your drain and causing it to overflow. In addition, a properly maintained grease trap will prevent harmful waste from entering your area's sewage disposal facility.

All commercial food outlets have to ensure they eliminate their grease and fat discharges. New food premises need a grease trap filter under current Building Regulations.

Drain Doctor Aberdeen  can supply, install and maintain all types of grease traps.

What are the benefits of a grease trap installation?

There are many associated benefits that come from having a grease trap professionally installed in your home or place of business. Some of these include:

  • Extremely corrosion resistant and to have a long lifetime of service
  • Far superior to previous models, and thus more cost efficient in the long term.
  • Modern grease traps are  amazingly portable, easy to install, and easy to service in case any mishaps occur.
  • Above all else, installing a grease trap means eliminating nasty odours that may permeate your premises.

Grease trap cleaning and waste disposal

Drain Doctor Aberdeen grease trap cleaning service include

  • Thoroughly cleans your grease trap, eliminating the odour and safety problems associated with poorly maintained grease traps.
  • Unlike some services that just skim the trap or leave hardened deposits,Drain Doctor Aberdeen technicians clean the entire grease trap and scrape away hardened grease.This thorough cleaning means  there's no accumulation of old grease, which can cause unpleasant odours.
  • Drain Doctor Aberdeen disposes of grease trap waste at licensed processing facilities.We are registered as waste carrier and broker and follow the SEPA waste carriers and brokers regulations to dispose waste carefully. This includes fats, cooking oils and thus grease. Drain Doctor Aberdeen technicians ensure the job is done right from start to finish, protecting everyone concerned and  the environment from health and safety risks.


Grease trap

Grease trap maintenance

We can also sort out maintenance visits to ensure your grease traps work without a problem. We can even fit a pump to inject grease digesting enzymes if that is required.


Some people have defied the laws and regulations to do with grease and ended up in trouble.

Contact Drain Doctor Aberdeen to book an assessment visit, don’t fall foul of the law. Sort out your grease trap needs today.