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Damaged drains can attract rodents, have smelly odor or leak into foundations causing potential problems with the fabric of the building.

Repair to the sewer line or underground drain is stressful as traditional drain repair requires the entire yard to be dug up in search of the problem.CALL us now

 Drain Doctor Aberdeen provide the following service to tackle your drain repair:

  •  Excavational drain repair to broken underground drain pipe work & gully drains.
  • No dig pipe repair or drain relining.
  • Lateral Cutting and removal of concrete etc.
  • Root Cutting.
  • Repairs & installation of Inspection Chambers.
  • Removal of Interceptor, Buchan & Windsor type traps.

What are some signs that your sewer line needs repair?

Your sewer line or underground drain requires repair if you notice any indication of a slowed flow rate.You would notice this if:

  • Water pressure is very low.
  • Water is backing up out of the drains.
  • You hear a gurgling sound issuing from the pipes.

 I thought I have a minor issue.Drain smells in the bathroom.Is my drain blocked?

Many people jump to the conclusion that there is a clog in the line, but any of the causes mentioned above create an improper flow within the pipes.