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As soon as we had the ability to inspect pipes, drains and sewers from the inside with cameras it was only a matter of time before somebody came up with the idea for No Dig pipe repair, now some 35 to 40 years on there are numerous trenchless drain lining methods on the market for repairing defective systems.

What is no dig pipe repair or drain relining?

The drain lining is manufactured from a special dense impermeable felt and is tailored to fit exactly the internal dimension of the damaged pipe. The thickness of the drain lining material can be varied according to design specifications required.

The most common drain relining method in the UK is Cipp liners (Cured in place pipe).Due to its simplicity and when done correctly a very affective way to repair root damaged, fractured and leaking pipe work, in its simplest form a resin soaked soft felt tube is inserted into the host pipe and inflated until it cures, forming a new pipe inside the old.

What are the  benefits to the drain relining?

The Homeowner no longer has to endure a full blown excavation with the noise, mess and upheaval that this kind of work can involve.

The Insurance Company. In the early days you could charge the same for drain relining system as you would for a full excavation, however as with any competitive market place prices have come down and it is now much cheaper to use no dig drain repair system than it is to excavate.

The Environment Many of these drain relining techniques are used in the repair and renovation of public sewers beneath our roads and highways, this greatly reduces time lost to commuters in traffic jams and therefore our carbon footprint.

If your home is experiencing underground drain problems

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