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Foreign substances like hair grease, food and roots may cause your drainage system to back up resulting in a blocked drain.This common household problem might make you wish that you had magical long arms to reach through the pipes and grab whatever stopping the flow

How do you clear a blocked drain? 

Our clients frequently ask us if we recommend any drain clearing chemicals.The truth is these every day drain cleaners may do more harm than good.

Drain clearing chemicals can cause your pipes to weaken over time,leading to leaks

Drain Doctor Aberdeen also offers drain clearing chemical.However we strongly recommend to use the chemical after your drain is unblocked

Our technicians use ,,safer'' tools to clear out your drains such as Rotary Mechanical drain cleaning,augers and root cutters that won't leave your pipes weakened.When drain rods,plungers and chemicals have failed to clear drain,then it is time to use a high pressure water drain jetting or hydrojetting.

Hydrojetting or drain jetting is a method of drain cleaning that uses high powered hoses that funnel high volume of water through the entire system of pipes.This is a very efficient method of drain cleaning  and can clear out even the most intensely -blocked drains

How will you know if you need drain cleaning

  • Chronically blocked drains
  • Slow drains
  • Foul odor from the drains 


My drain is blocked.What do I have to do.I have no time to deal with it?