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We use CCTV drain cameras to target the exact locality of faults, minimising the amount of digging needed which saves time, saves you money and any disruption.

Premium CCTV Drain Survey and Inspection include downloadable files, photos and a detailed report.

What is CCTV drain survey ?

 CCTV drain survey  is the latest in drainage technology. By inserting a camera into your pipes, a tech can inspect your sewer lines and underground pipes. This allows for an accurate location and measurement of  severity of your issue. Additionally, CCTV Drain survey is especially useful to locate lost jewellery or items that have escaped in your pipes.

Buying a new home?

Make sure its drains are running properly with a detailed CCTV drain survey inspection report. Save money and get peace of mind with Drain Doctor Aberdeen.

We survey your drain’s condition and alert you about any impending maintenance concerns.