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When will you know you have a water leak?

Water leaks can lead to a massive amount of damage if not caught properly. Here are four signs to keep an eye (and ear) out for:

  • You hear water running constantly that isn't from the sink, toilet, or dishwasher.
  • The reading on your water meter changes although you aren't using any water.
  • Your home has odd, unpleasant odours coming from areas you can't explain, particularly near drains.
  • There are discolored, stained areas in the walls and ceiling of your home.

Any of these four signs could indicate a water leak, in which case you should seek immediate professional repair as soon as possible.

When should you consider a professional drain cleaning?

A blocked drain can quickly turn into a big problem; between backup and overflow, and the ever present possibility of a burst pipe,blocked drains can cost thousands of pounds in repairs if not taken care of quickly.

Here are a few signs you might need professional drain cleaning.

  • The water drains slowly. This can indicate a built up of debris that will only grow worse over time.
  • The drain emits foul odours.This can be a sign there is decaying debris within the drain that isn't finding its way to the sewer.
  • Water and other liquid floods back out of the drain instead of going down.This backflow is indicative of major clogging. There is more than one drain clogged. If this happens, it could mean there is a major clog within the main line, which affects every drain within the building

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